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About Nielson RV in Hurricane Utah

Mission Statement

Our Story

Our Old Office

In 2001 Scott and his brother Mike came together with the plan to build a car dealership of their own. The biggest task they had was finding a location. They didn't want to spend all their capital on land and a new building, so they chose to lease the old fruit stand property located at 910 W. State Street. At first they operated out of a small trailer but later moved into the red brick home on the property, which would be their office for the next three years. In December 2001, Scott and Mike pulled all their savings together and purchased five cars.

"We had some pretty humble beginnings," said Mike. "Our inventory was pretty meager, and we didn't have a lot of capital, so we decided not to draw any money from the business until it could stand on its own. I worked a second job, and Scott was finishing up his accounting degree, so we had to juggle our schedules to have coverage at the dealership. That first year was pretty hard on our wives and families. We could have never done it without their support. By reinvesting 100 percent of the profits for almost a year and a half, the business really accelerated, and we were able to significantly increase our inventory."

Old Auto Mall

Scott and his brother Mike were enjoying how their business was growing at a comfortable pace, when Mike Jensen, owner of the property on State Street decided to sell it, leaving them in a quandary as to what to do next with their operation. Then Scott happened to run into Ross Barrington, a local farmer who owned commercial property on State Street, and during the course of their conversation discovered that Ross Barrington was interested in selling his property adjacent to McDonald's, which at the time was a pistachio orchard. A deal was struck and the rest, as they say, is history. The orchard was removed and a 2½ acre parcel with a possible 3 acre piece to the east was developed into a stream line business.

New OfficeScotts Office

Nielson RV Incorporated under the name Hurricane Valley Auto Mall Inc. on October 20th 2001. After great success in the car and RV business, Scott Nielson decided to move the company's goals to focus on the RV segment. Hurricane Valley Auto Mall Inc. changed the name to Nielson RV in latter part of 2007'. The company has been very viable since its inception in 2001'. The company's full fiscal year was in 2002 and Nielson RV did approximately 1 million dollars in total revenues. In 2003 the company had a great year and more than doubled sales to over 2 million. In 2004' Nielson RV continued to increase total revenues to near 3 million, but what amazed all of management was by the end of the fiscal year of 2007' revenues had soured to near $8,000,000 in total gross sales. Nielson RV has continued to grow, despite the global recession. A Trend Analysis shows that the company has continually increased sales by more than $1,000,000 every year since inception to 2007.

New Contruction

There is no doubt; the company has had great success, but Mike and Scott Nielson say the reason for that success is in their customer clientele. Scott Nielson says "we owe everything to our repeat customer business and referrals. Nielson RV continues to grow in its efforts to provide exceptional product at a great low price. They say the hardest part about demand for their services is not to "get big" most larger dealers lose the one on one service and considerably increase their overhead which would lead Nielson RV away from their ultimate mission statement. When dealers get too big, they lose control of personal attention to the customer, they increase their overhead substantially which in turn ads costs to the product lines they are selling, and quality control goes down the drain. Scott and Mike refuse to give in. "We will be around for years to come, but refuse to allow the company to grow in such a way that it loses the control of personal customer relationships, extended overhead, and quality control issues."

Our Dealership Now

written By: Dianne Graham

We conveniently service the Southern Utah area such as RVs St. George, Utah, RVs Cedar City, Utah and surrounding areas such as RVs Mesquite, Nevada and RVs Las Vegas Nevada.