10 Maintenance Tips for your RV


Regular Oil Changes

Like any automobile, your motorhomes engine needs constant oil changes. It is recommend to change your oil every 3,000 miles for most vehicles. Please consult your owners manual depending on your vehicle.

Change Your Filters

In addition to regular oil changes, replace your air, fuel, coolant and hydraulic filters. Regular maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Brake Maintenance

Your safety and your families safety should be the most important factor. Make sure to have routine checkups on your brakes.

Roof Seals And Seams

It is recommend to check the roof seals every 6 months. Water damage is usually the worst type of damage that can affect the interior of your RV.

Clean holding tanks regularly

Clean out your gray and black water tanks frequently to prevent bacteria and odors from leaking into the rest of your RV.

Check your Tire Pressure

Before every trip check your tire pressure to ensure the best gas mileage and also your safety.

Battery Check

Batteries typically last 3-5 years. However test your batteries often on those long trips.

RV Generator

Having a properly maintained generator will provide lots of comfort on those long trips. Before you leave make sure it is running correctly.

Take Your Battery Out During The Winter Months

While you are storing your RV for the winter remove the batteries so they last longer.

Waste Water System

Use biodegradable RV toilet paper to maintain a good system.

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