10 Surprises (continued)

Last week I listed five of “Ten Surprises from my First RV Rental.” Here’s a quick review, followed by items 6 – 10:

  1. It’s Cost Effective
  2. Renting is Easy!
  3. It Was Like Driving a Large Family Vehicle
  4. RV’s are Surprisingly Roomy
  5. They Have Incredibly Efficient Bathrooms
  6. Those beds are Really Comfortable!

    I forgot to check the brand of the mattress I slept on in my rented RV, but I’d really like one just like it for home. Seriously, I think it was the most comfortable bed I’ve ever slept in! Of course, not all of the beds were equally comfortable, but on a family outing, do yourself a favor and save the room at the back for Mom & Dad (besides, it seems that kids can sleep comfortably almost anywhere).

  7. It Had a Microwave Oven (and it worked!)

    We just pressed a couple of buttons to fire-up the generator, and that allowed us to cook part of our dinner in 1 minute. I was just as amazed as the first time I saw hot food come out of a microwave oven (clear back in the 70’s).

  8. It Had a Refrigerator & Freezer (no ice required!)

    The refrigerator / Freezer runs off of propane, so there was no drain on the battery at all. Just make sure the refrigerator door is latched securely! (No need to mention how I learned that important lesson).

  9. It Had 2 Televisions (and one was outside!)

    I’ll admit that I felt a little guilty watching the NBA playoffs on my camping trip, but I got over it pretty quickly. The only down-side is that the generator had to run while the TV was on, so it was a bit difficult to hear. But who’s complaining? I was watching TV in the wilderness! Even more amazing, the larger of the 2 televisions is designed to be watched outside on a pleasant evening. Beats staring into the campfire for hours, that’s for sure.

  10. It Had Tons of Storage

    I was shocked when I saw how much storage was accessible beneath the living area. I remember trips from my childhood with so much junk in the camper that we had to unpack it just to live in it. This RV had plenty of cupboard space indoors, and bigger items could be stored out of the way beneath our feet.

Overall, I was absolutely amazed at how comfortable camping has become with today’s RV’s. That’s no small item, since certain members of my family won’t camp unless it’s comfortable. And after unpacking at the end of the trip, clean-up took about an hour, including the dreaded black tank experience. Actually, that part wasn’t bad at all. The Maverick station in La Verkin, UT had a great place to empty the tank, and there wasn’t even a charge for it . I just had to trade my driver’s license while I used the key to the hook-up. Not a bad deal at all, and definitely a positive end to a great rental experience!

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