Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona

By Hartt Wixom I think Sedona, Ariz. is incredibly beautiful. Obviously, so do a lot of other people . . . I’d long read about the place. I had to visit. But I could quickly see that both city and … Continued

Along the Navajo Trial

[fusion_text] By Hartt Wixom One of the outstanding outdoor scenes in western travel has to be Monument Valley Navajo Trial Park on the Utah-Arizona border. That is one reason why Hollywood fell in love with it. Film maker John Ford … Continued

“Jarbidge, Nevada? Never Heard of It”

By Hartt Wixom I love the isolated village of Jarbidge, Nevada. No one I’ve talked with has ever heard  of it. So much to the good. Quaint little one-time gold mining town, yet never ghosted. It is still very much alive … Continued



By Hartt Wixom Recently I traveled with Duane Woodward, Washington, in his “Rhino” to Hole in the Rock. It was here that dozens of Utah pioneers did what many considered impossible. According to the History of Grand County, they lowered … Continued