5 Lightweight RVs Perfect for Small Campsites

Everyone loves camping, but finding the right campsite is always tricky. Especially if your destination includes any off-road sections or mountains along the way and you have a larger travel trailer, fifth-wheel, or motorhome to maneuver through the trees.

One HUGE advantage of owning a smaller, lightweight RV is the versatility of campsites you’re able to access, and the ease of arriving to camp safely.

So if you have an area in mind, or your favorite campsite is a little harder to access, here is a list of 5 lightweight and capable RV’s that will have no problem traveling to and fitting inside camp.

1. T@B, or T@G Teardrops Outback Edition from nuCamp


What happens when you take an immensely popular teardrop style trailer, develop a lift kit, and throw on some tires fit for a rock crawler? You get the Outback edition T@B and T@G trailers from nuCamp.



With its increased ground clearance, Yakima rack system, and feature-rich interiors, this rugged little teardrop is ready for any conditions you throw at it. Don’t let its diminutive size fool you, nuCamp’s little trailers are available with every feature of their larger competitors and are designed to be as easy to tow as possible.



Click below to watch our video feature of the 2018 T@B 320 S Outback Edition at Nielson RV.



2. Rockwood ESP from Forest River



Another classic form factor that has been beefed up is the Rockwood Extreme Sports Package.
Available in a variety of sizes and floorplans, these hyper lite popups won’t skimp on features or amenities, and add the tried-and-true method of “More ground clearance is better” that is becoming a popular add-on direct from factories.



If you’re looking to camp in extreme weather, there are other options on our list you may want to check out. But don’t let that stop you from considering this compact and convenient rugged little camper. With an available A/C and efficient heater, being comfortable isn’t an issue. When being towed, the Rockwood has a set of full-size roof racks ready to hold the tools of your next adventure. Whether it’s a boat, a set of kayaks, paddleboards, or extra storage, the versatility and features help the Rockwood ESP land a solid spot on our list.  



3. Jumping Jack Blackout Edition



One of the most versatile tent-trailers you’ll find on our list is the Jumping Jack 6×8 Blackout Edition. With enough deck space to hold two ATVs, easily load and unload your quads with the available loading ramps. Too much yard work to go camping this weekend? No problem. Easily convert your Jumping Jack into a utility trailer in minutes. 


With the increased ground clearance and its easy up 96 sq.ft. canvas tent, you’ll arrive at camp and be setup faster than anyone else in your group, and be ready to sleep up to 6 people!



4.Single Axle Hideout by Keystone RV



If you’re looking to get into trailer camping on a budget, or to get your first trailer without spending too much, the single axle Hideouts by Keystone RV have the features and price to make it on our list. With a wide variety of floorplans, there’s certainly a version that fits your needs. This 175LHS version even offers bunk beds for sleeping up to 5 adults!



5. Launch Mini Extreme Edition by Starcraft



Rounding out our list and certainly worthy of a mention is the always ready and capable Launch Mini Extreme Edition by Starcraft.

This upgraded version adds several niceties that will take the off-road bumps, and keep you comfortable no matter where you set up.
With extra insulation your AC and Heater’s use will keep you off-grid a little bit longer, and the upgraded tires and inverted springs give the Launch Mini Extreme the ground clearance needed for the less-than-ideal single track road you’ve picked to bring your family to.

There you have it. Our list of the Top 5 Lightweight RVs that we think are perfect for those smaller, harder to reach camp sites.

Visit www.nielsonrv.com for more information on any of the products discussed, or visit us at 341 East Sunland Drive, in St.George, Utah.



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