7 Reasons to consider being a full time RVer.


1. You get to explore America.

One of the great benefits of RVing is being able to explore new places. If you were to drive from Maine to California you could easily travel over 3,000 miles. Think of all the great destinations you could travel to.

Did you know there are 58 national parks in the United States? That alone would keep you busy for a long time.


2. Get rid of your rude neighbors.

Lets face it we all have experienced this before. The late night parties, the loud music, the constant borrowing of your stuff and the list goes on and on. This may not always be the case, however if it is all you have to do is drive off into the sunset to your new destination.



3. You don’t have to clean a big home.

Cleaning is one of the longest painstaking activities. The bigger the house the more you clean. On average if you spent 3 hours a day cleaning your house, cooking and doing the laundry you could potentially spend 1,092 hours in a year doing these tasks. However if you lived or traveled in an RV that could reduce your time by a third. Saving you time to do what you want!


4. You don’t need to make a house payment.

According to census.gov in 2010 the average house purchase was $272,000. Depending on where you live in the USA that price goes up dramatically. With a 30 year loan you may end up spending twice as much after interest is paid on that. Thats a lot of money that you could be saving if you were a full-time RVer. Granted you may have to take out a loan on a RV, but in comparison you will be spending a lot less.


5. More freedom to visit family or not visit family.

For many RVers being on the road takes away time from visiting certain family members. However for the family that you actually want to spend time with, its a great way to maintain your own space, but spend quality time with family members.

It also means you don’t need to rush your stays. Being close to the family members for a few weeks at a time. If room is accessible park in their driveway. This allows you to interact as often or as little as you choose.



6. If its too hot move, if its too cold move.

A lot of seasonal (snowbirds) like to travel to cooler destinations in the summer and warmer climates during the winter. This is a great option for many people that wants to avoid the extreme weather.



7. Your home is where you park it.

Most importantly remember a house is a house and a RV is a RV. However your home is wherever you park it. Owning an RV opens up a whole new lifestyle and freedom. It may not be for everyone, however if traveling and exploring is what excites you, then you should consider buying a RV, you may never come back!

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