Best RV Dealership in Saint George

We like to think that RVing and camping is quite the desire here in Saint George. While there are more than a few great rv dealerships in Saint George, there is only one place that does what we do!

Nielson RV is the best option for those searching for top of the line RV’s and trailers.

We’ve been serving the area of Saint George for more than 20 years– we know the area, we know the people (we love the people), and we certainly know how to give the people what they want!

Saint George is a popular area, that offers plenty of hiking and biking trails, as well as camping and hunting options. With so many different options comes expertise in trailers and RV’s that only Nielson RV truly understands.

Nielson RV in Saint George offers the following new and used RVs:

Saint George has certainly made a name for itself by offering a place for people all over the area, a multitude of awesome RV buying options. But again- no one understands your camping needs quite like we do.

Our customer service and expertise in the field can only be found at Nielson RV in Saint George!


What Makes Nielson RV Different?

Well, it’s quite simple really- our entire process is different. We offer exclusive services, extensive knowledge in the field and on the products, and amazing customer service!


Save More and Camp Happier!

With Nielson RV, your camping adventure begins the minute you walk through our doors!

Most RV dealers are much like car salesmen– they can be overbearing, overwhelming, and discouraging! How can you know when your RV dealer is being genuine?

You never really do right?

You are pushed into buying an RV that you weren’t in love with. It’s missing all the key features you came into the dealership wanting, and you overpaid for it!

Give it a few months to a few years and you’ll be turning around to sell that darn RV for the one you really wanted!

With Nielson RV, we put our customers first. We want to get you into an RV that you want.

You tell us what features you are looking for, what you plan on using your RV for, and how often. We’ll get you into an RV that is best suited to your needs, at the best price we possibly can give!

At Nielson RV, we want you to save more, and camp happier!

Because what is the point of buying an RV you hate right?!



Nielson RV Warranty Forever™

There are plenty of reasons why buying a motorhome or travel trailer is an experience worth talking about! One of the biggest is the Nielson RV Warranty Forever™ program. A real warranty, for as long as you own your RV!

So when we say forever, we really mean forever!

As if you needed another reason to choose Nielson RV in Saint George, right?

There is no deductible– it pays 100% of parts and labor costs anywhere in the USA. There is no maximum ownership term either!

At Nielson RV in Saint George, we believe you should browse and buy with complete confidence, never having to pay for repairs to the most expensive components of your motorhome or travel trailer ever again– at absolutely no cost to you!

Simply keep up on the recommended maintenance outlined in your RV Warranty Forever™  agreement and you’re covered forever!

With superior coverage, you will have true peace-of-mind throughout your ownership experience.

Many customers wonder about the type of components under the Nielson RV Warranty Forever™ program in Saint George. For complete details on the components covered, check out the details below:

Best RV Dealership in Saint George Nielson RV Saint George Utah warranty forever diagram

Suspension Components

Leaf and coil springs, shackles and bushings, and rubber suspension springs.

Brake Components

Wheel cylinders, calipers, electric brake magnets, and hydraulic tubing and metal fittings.

Water System Components

Hot water tank, burner assembly, thermostat, thermocouple, gas valve, electronic ignition assembly, PC board, heating system, shower, assembly, toilet, sink, holding tanks, gate valves, macerator pump, water pump, faucets, traps, fittings, and water lines.

Air Conditioning Components

Compressor, evaporator, condenser, capacitors, relays, expansion valve, control module and panel, reversing valve, blower fan and motor, and PC board. Coverage does not apply to motorhome chassis AC system.

Kitchen Center Components

Range/oven burner assembly, burner valves, refrigerator/freezer, microwave, convection oven, thermostat, thermocouple, burner, igniter, and PC board.

LP Gas System

Gas regulators, gas tanks, gas valves, tank gauges, and LP lines and fittings.

Heating System Components

Furnace igniter, burner assembly, gas valve, gas leak detector, thermostat, thermocouple, blower motor, and PC board.

Deluxe Appliances

Ice maker, trash compactor, built-in coffee maker, built-in food processor, in-sink disposal, ceiling fan motor, and smoke detector.

Interior and Exterior Components

Door handles, latches and springs.

Manual Leveling Jacks

Factory or dealer-installed bolt on and welded scissor jacks.


Taking The First Step To Your Camping Dream

Looking for the best RV or trailer option for your camping dream can be difficult.

There is a great deal of research, and consideration that goes into finding the right product and RV dealership However, contacting Nielson RV is extremely easy!

Simply call in and talk with one of our many knowledgeable specialists over the phone. Our specialists will help you to identify the best options for your needs. Once you come in, your specialist will show you exactly what you want to see, as well as specialized options, based on your individual needs!

Not only can we get you all the information you need for your decision-making process, but we’re also extremely polite and professional. Just an all-around friendly mom-and-pop RV Dealership!

You want to make the right choice for your RV, but also the company who will provide the friendliest and most professional customer service- the Nielson RV way.

Does it really get any better than that?

So give a call today to book an appointment with the Best RV Dealership in Saint George. We’ll see you soon.

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