Big Mountain Campground – Nephi, Utah

tentLocated about 5 miles East of the town of Nephi, Big Mountain Campground offers a unique camping experience.
I have family that lives in the Nephi area, so it was decided to try out the campground. My family decided to leave the trailer at home and rough it the old fashion way with a tent.

We arrived in Nephi and turned on exit 225 and headed west. We drove right pass the Mt. Nebo loop and directly past the turnoff was the campground. After we had checked into the office we found our spot. It has been awhile since we had pulled out our tent so I was surprised see how good of condition it was in.

After we had setup camp we headed over to the covered pavillion and had dinner with the family. I was pretty amazed at how well the setup had been and how many RV’s could fit into the facility.


We slept next to the sound of the river and woke up ready for the days activities.

We decided to take the Polaris RZR up Nebo loop and find a place on top to rider around.
After the ride we headed back to the campground and the kids wanted to go swimming.

Our stay was short, but I would highly recommend Big Mountain Campground. The staff was nice, the facility was great and the sounds and scenery was pretty amazing considering it was only 5 miles from Nephi.

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