Camping at Fish Lake: A baby driving a boat and the 13 million pound tree.

Fishlake Overlook

Camping at Fish Lake, Utah

Fish Lake, Utah is located in the middle of the state. It sits just under 9,000 feet in elevation so the winters are freezing and the summers are amazing. Fish Lake has always been one of my favorite places to visit. I have spent countless hours fishing, hunting, hiking, 4-wheeler riding and relaxing. So when we had the chance to spend 3 days at Fishlake it was a no brainer.


The 13 Million Pound Tree

As we traveled to Fishlake we were greeted by “Pando” also known as The Trembling Giant. The name refers to one of the oldest known living organism in the world. Essentially it is a group of aspen trees that share the same root system. It is believed to be close to 80,000 years old. Because it shares the same root system the trees change color at the same time and technically the trees are all connected making it one big tree estimated to be 13 million pounds. This grove of trees is located about a mile southwest of Fishlake and you can see it as you drive to the lake.



Storm clouds and camp fires

When we first got there the storm clouds came overhead and started raining. This is where camping with a trailer is very handy. (I should mention at this point if you are looking for a trailer at the best RV dealer in Utah, you should call Nielson RV in Hurricane, Utah.) After the rain stopped we decided to take our little family for a hike. Fishlake has so many amazing things to see. There is deer, elk, moose, and little critters everywhere. After our walk we roasted hotdogs over the campfire and cooked smores. It was so relaxing sitting around the camp fire and sharing stories of past experiences.


baby-driving-boatWhen did babies learn to drive a boat?

The second day was even better. We woke up and fired up the grill. We served pancakes, bacon and eggs. After breakfast we decided to take the kids for a boat ride. Each kid took turns driving the boat and spinning circles. If you have never been on a boat ride on Fishlake it is an incredible ride. You can ride over to the opposite end of the lake and see deer drinking from the lake, eagles up in the tree and fish jumping all around. On the southeast end of the lake is the Mytoge Mountain range you can drive your automobile on top of the mountain and get an incredible view of the lake and the surrounding area.


That night we prepared our tin foil dinners and sat around the campfire once again telling stories and planning future camping trips. As we prepared for bed that night we could hear animals walking around the camp. We quickly grabbed a flashlight and saw a doe and a fawn deer quietly sneaking into our camp to see what they could find.



Fishing for the Big One

The last day of our camping trip my dad and myself decided to get up early and go fishing. Fishlake is known for lots of rainbow trout and the monster Mackinaw (Lake Trout). Catching a big mac is always tricky especially this time of year. The mac stay in the deepest part of the lake and typically are not very active. The trick is to have a good fish finder and try to locate them at the bottom. Then jig for them with a minnow or anchovies. We tried for them for a while and then decided to go trolling for rainbow trout. We ended catching around 8 fish before we headed back to camp.


We then went for a picnic at Twin Creeks and had sandwiches and chips. After lunch the kids went swimming in the water. Fish Lake is typically very cold water due to the high altitude and deep water. The kids loved wading out in the water and spending time splashing around. After lunch we headed back and started cleaning up camp to head out.


Leaving is always bittersweet

Camping is always one of my favorite things to do. Spending time with my family away from the distractions of the world is so rewarding. Camping can be an inexpensive way to spend time your family. If you have a trailer it makes in very convenient to sleep at night and cook your meals. However if you don’t have a trailer setting up a tent and camping the old fashion way is a great alternative. Having the memories of camping and being with your family and friend is what makes these experience unforgettable.


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