Utah’s Tropical Getaway

by Hartt Wixom For years I was intrigued by the name of Tropic Reservoir in Garfield County. How did it get the name of a South Sea isle? According to Utah Place Names by John Van Cott, Tropic was settled … Continued

10 Surprises (continued)

Last week I listed five of “Ten Surprises from my First RV Rental.” Here’s a quick review, followed by items 6 – 10: It’s Cost Effective Renting is Easy! It Was Like Driving a Large Family Vehicle RV’s are Surprisingly … Continued

10 Surprises from my First RV Rental

I’ve spent hundreds of nights in a sleeping bag. Most of these were sleeping “under the stars,” and a few dozen were inside a tent. Many of my best childhood memories involved campers and trailers. But I have never owned … Continued

Along the Navajo Trial

[fusion_text] By Hartt Wixom One of the outstanding outdoor scenes in western travel has to be Monument Valley Navajo Trial Park on the Utah-Arizona border. That is one reason why Hollywood fell in love with it. Film maker John Ford … Continued

“Jarbidge, Nevada? Never Heard of It”

By Hartt Wixom I love the isolated village of Jarbidge, Nevada. No one I’ve talked with has ever heard  of it. So much to the good. Quaint little one-time gold mining town, yet never ghosted. It is still very much alive … Continued