RV Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist

RV Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist nielson rv hurricane utah

Before every trip you take your trusty ‘ol RV on, you will want to do some basic pre-trip inspections first! Many random problems RV’s come into contact with can be solved by regular and pre-trip inspections. In general, you want … Continued

Rain in the Desert


Monsoon Season Rain may be the furthest thing from your mind when you plan your trip to the desert southwest. But late-summer visitors to red-rock country quickly learn that they should expect the unexpected during “monsoon season.” A typical August … Continued

10 Surprises (continued)

Last week I listed five of “Ten Surprises from my First RV Rental.” Here’s a quick review, followed by items 6 – 10: It’s Cost Effective Renting is Easy! It Was Like Driving a Large Family Vehicle RV’s are Surprisingly … Continued