Celebrating Thanksgiving in an RV

It’s nearing that wonderful time of the year when families and friends begin making plans for the coming holidays. In about a month Thanksgiving will be here and you’ll be ready to enjoy a delightful Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re one of the many RVers who enjoys the Thanksgiving holiday on the road or meeting up with family at your favorite campground you’ll love planning your Thanksgiving dinner. Cooking a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in an RV can take a significant amount of forethought, but just because your RV is a smaller space than a stick home, doesn’t mean your holiday has to be small.

Cooking the Turkey | The main part of your Thanksgiving dinner is always centered around the turkey. Cooking a great turkey can be done inside a residential sized oven, which many RVs come with or outside. Another way to get the most our of your RV kitchen is to consider frying your turkey. Fried turkey provides delicious, moist meat to the family and can be done outside of the RV to allow you to utilize your oven to make treats like apple or pumpkin pie.

Mashing Potatoes | Mashed potatoes are an integral part to a delicious, creamy mashed potatoes. Pop your potatoes on the stove or add them to the grill outside to get them softened and ready to mash. One of the best recipes for mashed potatoes includes throwing in a block of cream cheese. One you enjoy the tangy, smooth cheese added to your mashed potatoes you’ll never try another recipe again.

Pie | Nothing caps a delightful dinner more than apple or pumpkin pie. Enjoy filling your RV with the scent of fresh baked pie. Whip it up and pop it in your oven. You can even bake your pie ahead of time to get the most out of your RV’s space. Many pie recipes can be modified to be frozen and thawed at a later time. This can allow you to save time during Thanksgiving Day, so you can spend more time with your family.

Grilled Veggies | Grill your veggies on an external grill. This adds a yummy, healthy side dish to your family’s dinner and also allows you to save space inside your RV by utilizing your external resources.

If creating a delicious meal in your own RV isn’t totally appealing try turning it into a community event at your campground. Get other RVers to join in and bring one side dish to your dinner, while you provide the main course. This is a great way to connect with other RVers and sample the diverse range of flavors families enjoy over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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