Choosing A Toy Hauler Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds

RVing has been around for many years. The idea of taking your family or even yourself out for a vacation with most of the comforts of home (running water, a bathroom, a comfy bed to sleep in, etc..) has gained a ton of traction within the last couple of decades. So much so, that I can’t think of a time when I’ve been out and about in the city and haven’t seen an RV. They are everywhere and gaining popularity as a cost-effective way to spend your vacations. Only within the last decade or so, a new type of RV has come into play. RVers didn’t want to leave their jet-skis, ATVs, and motorcycles at home when they were traveling to places that would be perfect to put them to use and enjoy. So the RV manufacturers responded with a new design called the toy hauler. Toy haulers are designed with a rear door to allow you to haul your precious cargo inside the RV, instead of having to pull it on a separate trailer. Choosing a toy hauler is tougher that it seems. There are plenty of options to consider and to make it the most cost-effective, you must consider all of them and know exactly what you are using it for.

Many floor-plans have the option for a separate garage area, sectioned off from the main cabin. This can be a good thing, but it could also be a bad thing. Separate garages means a longer RV, and a longer RV means more money. Some of the larger fifth-wheel toy haulers, such as the Pacific Coachworks Sandsport F305FS, are almost 38′ long, so you get a separate garage, but you also have to learn how to haul such a huge RV. If you are currently pulling a travel trailer, you will have to make sure your tow vehicle can handle such a huge jump in towing capacity and have the necessary equipment to haul a fifth-wheel. That’s a big jump from pulling your 18′ travel trailer around.

Toy haulers can add a lot of fun to the RVing experience. Being able to take your motorcycle out on the mountain roads or take your jet skis out on the lake are a great benefit. With that ability, comes a price. Both monetarily and in the form of lost features inside your RV. Sure, you can purchase the mansion RV with an separate garage, but if you’re looking for a more price conscious alternative, you will have to go with something a little smaller. For instance, the Pacific Coachworks Sandsport 15SLE is 20′ long and does not have a separate garage, that means you are putting your ATV or jet-ski inside the RV. Not only that, looking at the floorplans, you would see that there are none of the features that many people require when they travel. You have 2 fold down couches where you would sleep, a bathroom and a small kitchen. However, on some models, such as the Forest River Steath SS1913, they’ve squeezed in a full size bed to allow for more sleeping capacity, but in doing so, they’ve made the kitchen even smaller and less space than normal. Now that may be all you need or want when you travel, but if you have kids, this simply would not work.

Choosing a toy hauler is full of decisions and it’s not an easy one. Be sure to consider all of your options and take into account the features you have to have, sleeping capacity and most importantly of all, the cost. If you need some help deciding which ones to, we can always help.

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