Don’t Skip Out On RV Spring Cleaning

Keeping your RV organized saves you time when you're out on the road.

Spring is on the horizon and many of us RV owners are starting to think about where we want to take our first trip of the season. It’s an exiting time for us. We get to contemplate all the places we’ve been and bring up the places we’ve wanted to go, but never have. Before you head out on your first big trip of the year, don’t you think your RV could use a little TLC? After all, it’s been sitting there the entire Winter. Spring cleaning is a perfect time to get rid of the fluff and get down to the basics. It also gives you more room to carry necessary items, instead of that rice cooker that you’ve had for 2 years and is still in the box, having never been used.

Spring cleaning is a great idea for a house or an apartment, but it’s an even better idea for an RV. You have limited space when you’re in an RV, so there is no “junk closet” or room under the bed to hide things you never use. I recommend taking an inventory of the things you have stashed in your RV’s cabinets, closets, and hiding spaces, then going through each item and eliminating it from the RV if it hasn’t been used in 6 months. That’s a fair amount of time to gauge the usefulness of an item you purchased on a whim. Just think of the space and weight you could save! Gas isn’t cheap and the less weight you’re pulling, the better gas mileage you get.

Once you’ve cleaned out some of the dead weight in your RV, take a look around an notice how much more space you have. Now would be the perfect time to start looking into RV organization options on how to maximize the space you have. There are plenty of organization products out there that will not only help you keep your RV clear of clutter, but also help you remember where you put things.

Organizing your RV and making it easy to find things is a big part of successful RVing. How much time have you wasted searching for one item, knowing you put it on board? Another Spring cleaning job would be to make sure everything you take on a trip has a specific place to go. Racks and hooks can be a real time-saver. If you have a specific hook to hang your cooking utensils on, no more searching for them. That jacket you always drape over someone’s seat? Hang it on a hook instead! If you’re in need of some serious organization tips, visit Buzzfeed’s 44 Cheap & Easy Ways to Organize your RV/Camper for some great ideas, I’ve even implemented some of them in my own RV.

Of course, no Spring cleaning would be complete without getting your hands dirty and cleaning your RV from top to bottom. Get in there and clean out that shower, make sure those drains are clean, vacuum up that carpet, and wash those sheets. Don’t forget the outside, clean those windows, get yourself an extending brush and clean off those hard to reach places. Do you have a leaky valve? Get it fixed! If you take care of all of the problems that annoy you when you’re out on a campsite before you head out, then you’ll have more time to enjoy! If you need cleaning supplies, visit Nielson RV in Hurricane, Utah.

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