Dynamax Rev Class C Motorhome: An Ingenious Design

You will be pleasantly surprised the first time you take a look inside a Dynamax Rev Class C Motorhome, because the outside will be deceptive as to the amount of space inside the vehicle.

Dynamax Rev Class C Motorhome
Come and see the Dynamax Rev Class C Motorhome!

When you first glance at a Class C RV, you might believe that it is too small to fit everything you need to be comfortable on a camping trip. But as the old adage goes, never judge a book by the cover. As soon as you cross the threshold of one of these campers, all of your worries will be put to rest.

With an innovative design that makes the living spaces useful for multiple purposes, the Dynamax Rev will offer plenty of space for just enjoying time in your camper as well as ample room for everyone in your party to have a relaxed place to sleep at night.

How does this small RV do it? Well here are a few ways the Rev utilizes space to keep the size of the vehicle more manageable without compromising amenities.

  • Convertible Sofa: Many of the floor plans for this camper feature a sofa in the living area. This furniture piece can be converted into a bed for sleeping during the night and then put away in the day to give ample space to move around the interior.

    Dynamax Rev Class C Motorhome Sofa
    The convertible sofa offers a great space to sleep as well as sleep.
  • Easy-to-Access Exterior Storage: Having a place to store all of your camping necessities will be essential to saving space. The Dynamax has outdoor storage compartments that can be locked for safety, and the Gel-Coated Fiberglass skin that covers the entire exterior will keep the contents inside safe from harm while protecting the RV from scratches at the same time.
  • Drop-Down Bed: In some of the Rev Class C models, there will be an electric queen size, drop-down bed in the master bedroom area. At the press of a button, the queen sized bed will lower, and with a gel-infused memory foam mattress, you will have one of the most comfortable places to sleep in seconds. Then, put it up and out of the way in the morning.
  • Utilizing the Space Above the Cab: Over the driver and passenger seats is sometimes just empty space, but the Rev uses this space as the location for the LED TV and other entertainment equipment. This allows you to enjoy your entertainment without taking up vital space within the camper.
Dynamax Rev Class C Motorhome Interior
The beautiful kitchen will making cook fun and easy.

The Dynamax Class C Motorhome creates numerous opportunities for you to be surprised. From superior storage design to elegant interior d├ęcor, these RVs bring functionality and luxury together harmoniously. Contact us or just come on by to check out these amazing vehicles for yourself!

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