Enjoy Your RV During The Winter

Are you one of those RVers who just can’t part with their RV when the cold weather hits, but isn’t ready to head south with the snowbirds just yet? The truth is you can enjoy your RV throughout the winter, however, it requires significant preparation and care to ensure your RV is protected and your camping experience is enjoyable. RVing throughout the winter allows you to enjoy the quiet and stillness that comes with the low season. You get a unique view of nature, as animals tend to be more visible because of the lack of crowds. The weather, although much cooler, is enjoyable because you can hike without overheating and avoid annoying bugs that come with summertime camping.

Planks | Carry heavy, wide based planks you can place under your RV’s wheels and jacks to prevent it from sinking into the ground if it thaws and allow you to easily maneuver around the snow.

Skirting | Skirting around the bottom of your RV protects your holding tanks from freezing, which can be particularly costly to repair if you tank is full and completely ruptures. When cold winds are given the opportunity to pass underneath your RV they lower the temperature drastically, which can cause sudden freezing. Skirting blocks these winds and eliminates the potential for freezing.

Insulation | If your RV does not have an insulated and enclosed underbelly you’ll need to construct your own out of waterproof material. One option is to use snaps to attach the waterproof material to your RV’s underbelly. You can also construct a frame, add your insulation and secure the frame below your RV. It is recommended you leave an open space for heating lamps to be applied to your holding tanks. Never, under any circumstances, use a space heater, as it increases your risk for fire.

Wrap | Wrap all tubing with electrical heat tape to protect them from freezing while parked in cold temperatures. You can find heat tape at your local RV parts store. This is an inexpensive fix that helps prevent a very expensive problem.

Dehumidifier | Use a dehumidifier to battle the condensation you are guaranteed to encounter during the winter. These handy devices come in a variety of sizes that serve a range of square footage. Choose the one that best meets your needs and remember to empty the holding tank daily.

Gray and Black Holding Tanks | Make sure your gray and black holding tank valves are closed. If you allow a constant trickle from the gray holding tank an ice dam could form and cause pricey damage. If an ice dam does form apply heat lamps and allow it to slowly thaw. Do not break the dam. You will cause damage to your holding tanks that you’re sure to regret.

If all this work seems like a little too much check out our selection of RVs that are already prepared for use throughout the winter. Contact us with any questions you might have and for help finding your next RV. As you prepare for winter RVing you’re sure to love the solitude and peace that accompanies a season most would never consider appropriate for camping. Try it out and see for yourself!


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