Exploring Zion: The Park’s Insider Guide

Exploring Zion: The Park’s Insider Guide

Zion National Park is the fourth most visited National Park in the United States, and with good reason—it’s spectacular. Zion is an RV traveler’s dream destination that calls to everyone’s inner adventurer.

Planning fun and relaxing RV excursion to Zion National Park might feel like a herculean feat; here are some secrets to help you get the most out of your vacation in red rock country.

Best Time to Visit

Zion is a popular park; therefore, the scheduling of your trip becomes even more imperative. April through November is considered the high tourist season. The highest volume of visitors is during the summer months of June, July, and August. With this in mind, if you are looking to dodge the heaviest crowds, you will want to avoid visiting during these months.

The Summer months are also the hottest months at Zion, with temperatures creeping into the low 100’s. They can call it a “dry heat” all they want but anything over 100 degrees still feels like you are walking on the surface of the sun. Steer clear of the summer months and book your visit for late spring or early autumn to experience beautiful weather without the blistering heat.

RV Camping at Zion

It might seem like a smart move to book a site at one of Zion’s campgrounds. However, the park is almost guaranteed to be packed full every night during the peak season (April – October). RV resorts near the park, like the Glampers Inn RV Resort, have amazing accommodations to help the whole family relax after a long, busy day in Zion. Campers get the best of both worlds, the ability to enjoy the rustic beauty of Zion at their leisure, and the benefits of staying at an amazing resort with family-friendly amenities.

Unique Zion Experiences:

Zion National Park is the ultimate outdoor vacation, and visitors can enjoy just about every outdoor recreation they want, such as cycling, hiking, kayaking, and of course, canyoneering. Zion also offers visitors some unique experiences that are not to be missed.

The Scenic Drive

There is a portion of the park in which no private vehicles are allowed. Guests can either cycle this stretch or take the park shuttle bus. This stretch of the road takes tourists past all of the most significant points of interest in the park, such as the Temple of Sinawara, the Grotto, and the Court of the Patriarchs. Several shuttle stops allow visitors to get off and explore. Tickets for the shuttle are only sold online. It is a good idea to purchase your tickets ahead of time to avoid them selling out.

Archeological Sites

One of the draws to this park is not just the outstanding beauty but the history, or shall we pre-history. Zion is home to a multitude of archeological sites. Many of these, for preservation’s sake, are not open to the public but those that offer visitors an opportunity to explore the whisperings of the past. Many of these sites have pictographs (rock painting) and petroglyphs (rock carvings). Visitors can be directed to the open sites when they visit the Zion Visitor Center.

Slot Canyons

While slot canyons can be found throughout Utah, Zion National Park has one of the state’s highest concentrations. These narrow canyons shaped by wind and water are breathtaking examples of the power of nature. There are slot canyons for every experience level at Zion. However, whether you are a novice or an expert, you will need to apply for a permit to explore the Zion slot canyons.


Stargazing is what makes RVing the only way to travel. Places like Zion National Park are among the few places left where visitors can enjoy truly dark skies unaffected by light pollution. This means stargazing as you’ve never imagined.

Preparing to Explore Zion

If you want to enjoy your visit to Zion National Park thoroughly, you must be practical and prepare for the elements. This means being prepared to spend an extended amount of time in the desert, under the sun. Even during the cool weather, keeping hydrated is vital. Make sure that you carry a water bottle with you as you explore the park. Also, the sun is powerful here; apply the sunscreen liberally before you head out. Good sneakers or hiking boots are the only appropriate footwear to wear in the park.

Zion National Park is one of the great American National Parks. Planning a fantastic RV trip to experiences its stunning beauty is as easy as making a reservation at The Glampers Inn RV Resort. Making your RV Vacation both fun and relaxing, the kind of trip that family vacation memories are made of.

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