How Easy is it to Become a Full-Time RVer?


How easy is it to become a full time RVer? That is to say, vagabonding around your state, or across America living on the road out of your home on wheels? Well, it’s really going to depend on a vast array of things. First, are you even ready do become a full-timer? It’s certainly not for everyone. There are a number of things that you’ll have to take into consideration. Just having an undying sense of adventure might not be enough to carry you through a year or more of RVing full time.

I know a few full-timers, and they love it, but it certainly isn’t without it’s hardships. Those I know who call their RV “home” certainly don’t regret the choice they made, but they did offer me some advice to share with you. I’ve put together some simple point, just so you can further your education on what it will take to trade in the keys to your neighborhood home for one on wheels.

Fulltime RVing: Understanding the difference between the dreams and the reality of being a full timer.

The Costs: It can be a lot cheaper than living in a brick and mortar domicile, however sacrifices will have to be made. It is possible to reduce your expenses, but here’s the rub, you will be paying for a place to set up camp. Staying on public lands for free is great, but in order to do that, you’ll need to invest in energy sources ie. generators, propane, solar cells. Also, at some point you’ll need to dump your tanks and fill up with fresh water. So, while boondocking and free camping does exist, it can be challenging. Spending $20-$50 a night for a designated camping area is going to be much more comfortable and easier overall. So, factoring in the costs of a place to park your RV is paramount. Oh, also find out if there are any additional fees for internet, electricity, water etc. Not all parks factor this into your stay. It’s also a pretty good idea that you have an emergency fund set in place. You’ll never know when you’ll need it.

How are you going to make money?: You can contact the parks you are planning on staying at and see if the have a work camp program. This could be a good way to cut costs while traveling. However, keep in mind that you may end up doing more work than it’s worth. But don’t let this deter you from asking if the parks you choose to stay at have a work/stay program. Also, if you are internet savvy, there are multiple opportunities to make money on line. You can tutor, or even teach! If you have the drive, you will find a way to make and save some money on the road. Also, staying in campgounds can get pricey if you plan on staying in just a just a few nights at a time, so check to see if you get discounted rates for longer stays.

Slowdown your pace of travel. You’ll spend less on fuel and, as stated above, you may get a discounted rate at the park. Plus, become a local. Shop where they shop, you’d be surprised at how much you’ll save if you just try to blend in a little better. Also remember, this isn’t vacation anymore, this is life, so respect the place you stay and the parks you share with them.

You really can be “at home” on the road. All it takes is a solid commitment to changing your life and sticking with it. That means you may potentially getting rid of almost everything you own. If you are OK with “starting over” in an RV, then you might be a good candidate for becoming a full-time Rver. Remember though, you are going to have to take the bad with the good. Not everyday is going to be a vacation, however, it will certainly be an adventure!

This really just is the very tip of the iceberg in regards to RVing full-time. There are a multitude of facets to it, that it would be virtually impossible to cover them all here. So, If you have any questions on the full-time RV lifestyle, don’t hesitate to call Nielson RV, we can give you advice and point you in the right direction. We can even offer some good references for you to check out and research. There are plenty of blogs out there that you can read for a good look at what you may be in for. Just give us a call…a whole new life could be, literally, right around the corner.

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