Jumping Jack Folding Trailers: 3 Features for Easy Camping

The Jumping Jack folding trailers for sale here at Nielson RV Supercenter are the perfect blend of convenience and safety. The innovative design can go from utility mode to a tent in just 5 minutes to give you not only a hauling device but also a safe, off-the-ground place to rest. Check out three of its top features that make camping easier.

Jumping Jack folding trailer
Check out out Jumping Jack folding trailers!

1. Boat Bar

While the Jumping Jack is in utility mode, it comes with something called a boat bar attached to its top. This metal device will be able to secure multiple canoes or kayaks to the trailer to make transporting these items easier, so you can enjoy days out on the water without worrying about how you will get your boats to the campsite.

2. Comfortable Interior

Although the interior of this folding trailer is compact, it will still come with plenty of ways to keep you and your family comfortable. Each model will come with one to four half bed extensions that can fold into a double bed at night and a benches with backrests for seating during the day. Plus, these seats fit perfectly with the dining table where you can enjoy eating meals and playing games.

Jumping Jack folding trailer Boat Bar
Easily bring along your boats and kayaks with the built-in boat bar.

3. Functional Exterior

On the exterior of the Jumping Jack trailer, you will find additions to make camping better. The cooler rack provides more storage space for an ice chest or piece of luggage, and the water racks will secure a large water jug while giving you easy access to the jug spout. And for a more comfortable experience, you will find an awning to create a shaded spot to sit, and the lantern posts will give you not only a light outside but also a handrail to help you climb inside the tent.

The Jumping Jack folding trailers offer an easy-to-tow trailer while still providing you the safety that comes with an RV. Contact us today to learn more about this unique travel trailer, and then stop by one of our our locations to take a look at one for yourself.

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