Making A Living While Living In Your RV

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It’s crossed all of our minds before. Don’t lie and say it hasn’t. We’ve all thought, while we were enjoying vacation with our family in our RV, that we could do this forever. Getting rid of all of our worldly possessions and moving into our house on wheels full-time. It sounds great, doesn’t it? I certainly think about it a lot. It would be great to have the ability to travel wherever the weather is nice all year round. If you can’t handle the summers in the South, the Pacific Northwest may be calling your name. If the winters in the North are too much to handle, then Arizona and Texas both have extremely mild Winters. Just having the freedom to roam around the United States and go as you please is definitely an inviting thought. Making it a reality is just as tough as you would imagine.

One of the reasons many people fail at living in their motorhome full-time is money. Sure, we work for years and years to put back savings so we can enjoy that point in time where we don’t have to work, but not everyone is in that position and I, for one, still need to work. What’s an RVer to do?

Have you ever heard of workamping? Just about every RV campsite across the nation has an opening of some sort that needs to be filled by people willing to work. In fact, there are more openings than there are people who can fill it. Jobs like maintenance, hosts, and store workers are the most common. You could conceivably work at every RV campsite you ever visit and make a living doing so. There are a few website out there that will assist you in finding work with RV campsites. One of them is Workers On Wheels, another is Workamper. There are countless others out there, but to make sure you get the full scoop on job availability, I recommend contacting the campground via telephone or email and checking with the person who is in charge of hiring.

Another way to make ends meet out on the road, especially if you’re the creative type, is to sell your hand-crafted goods online. You can very easily set up an account on Etsy or sell your products via Ebay. As long as you have something to sell, people all over the world are in the market for handmade products.

Maybe you’re a photographer or a writer. Those professions lend themselves very well to traveling as you can do it anywhere. There are countless blog writers, authors, and nature photographers out on the road as we speak and they are doing what they love in their professional lives as well as in their personal lives.

Before you make the decision to set sail in your RV full-time, be sure and consider just where your income will be coming from. You don’t want to get out on the road and realize you’ve only got enough money to last a few weeks. Budgeting and working while you’re on the road are the easiest ways to make your dream of full-time life on the road a reality.

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