Nielson RV: The ONLY Choice For St. George, Utah

Purchasing an RV is like not an easy task. You can write down all of the features and options you want equipped on your RV, but finding one to accommodate everything on that list is going to be a struggle. That’s why we work with all of our manufacturers to make your dream RV a reality. There are plenty of RV dealers in Utah. But why should you come to the Hurricane/St. George region to purchase your RV from us here at Nielson RV? I’ll tell you why. Not only are we a new RV dealer, we also handle consignments, parts, repairs and more! That means you never have to travel very far to make sure your rolling investment can get the parts it needs to keep you happy. Everyone knows someone who has an old RV stuck in their driveway, collecting dust. More than likely, there are only a few repairs that need to be made so it can get back out on the road and bring some smile to a couple of kid’s faces.


If you are trying to raise the money to purchase a new RV, you can always consign your current one to us. We’re part of a huge network of RV owners and they are always looking for new purchases. By consigning with us, your RV will be in front of thousands of potential buyers using social media, email blasts, and our website for maximum exposure. There’s no need to travel all the way to Salt Lake City to sell that RV, let us sell it for you!

Full Service Repair

If you’ve got a mechanical issue that’s causing you stress, we can fix it for you. Our in-house repair team is stocked with top-notch mechanics who are experienced in RV repair and maintenance. Don’t put your investment in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing, all of our repair work is guaranteed!

Largest RV Selection in the St. George/Hurricane Area

We carry a huge selection of new and used campers, fifth-wheels, travel trailers, class C motorhomes and more! Take a look on our website and browse through our selection. You may lose track of time and spend a couple of hours going through our seemingly endless inventory.

Financing/Service Contracts

We can finance your new (or used) purchase in house and help you get that new vacation vehicle you’ve always wanted. Apply online and we can give you a decision quicker than the time it takes you to check your emails. We can also handle your service contracts, making sure you’re RV is in running order and ready to go when you are.

If you live in the St. George/Hurricane area, there’s no need to look any further than Nielson RV for all of your RV needs. Stop by to discover what we have to offer.

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