Open Range RV vs. Keystone Montana and Cougar


Open Range, Killing the Competition.  Once Keystone Montana ruled the Fifth Wheel Empire but open range is knocking them off the survey reports every month in multiple states.  Check out our blogs about Open Range RV and see why people are choosing the Open Range RV over the alternatives.  its very impressive and exciting stuff!!  just for starters here are some illustrations to study when choosing your next RV.  Courtesy of Nielson RV in St. George Southern Utah Region.  located in the small town of Hurricane 18 miles East of St. George.








Open Range 3X Heating Diagram

Heating Diagram

Open Range products have a unique and incredible heating system. We start with a 4 inch heat duct from the furnace down the the underbelly in place of the 2 inch some of the competitors use. All of our tanks are suspended between the I beams in the underbelly allowing us to have forced air heat blowing from the 4 inch heat duct surrounding the tanks with warm air flow.

How do we get the air flow? Simply by having a return at the end of the tanks going back into the coach. The secret is that simple. We put a return in their underbelly to allow air flow over the tanks instead of a pressurizing system that occurs in other brands.

Zero Degree Tested

Open Range products are built to withstand the harshest of environments. We put our products into a zero degree chamber for five hours with thermometers placed in key areas throughout the unit.

The Results

Bedroom 72°F
Kitchen 70°F
Slide-Out 66°F
Bathroom 72°F
Living Room 70°F
Waste Water Tank 62°F
Storage Under RV 58°F
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