RV Roof Care Tips to Maintain Your RV Warranty Forever

Never assume that the roof over your head will last forever without any maintenance at all!

RV roofs require just a bit more maintenance than most people realize.

Simple DIY maintenance such a regular cleanings, sealant touch-ups, and regular as well as yearly inspections, can not only save time on servicing, but also loads of money!

Not to mention that regular and yearly maintenance are the best ways to maintain your RV Warranty Forever agreement!

Here are some DIY RV Roof Care Tips from Nielson RV.  But first, let’s talk about why it is so important that your RV roofing should be regularly serviced:


Why Do RV Roofs Require Regular Maintenance?

Well, the most common reason why RV roofs need regular maintenance is simply because of water damage.

Water damage is typically the leading cause of major repairs in all types of RVs!

When water from rain or melted snow is able to seep through a seam in your roofing, it won’t be long until there is ruined insulation, damaged wall panels, and even rotted framework.

And sometimes if those water damaged areas are not cared for immediately, certain types of molds can begin to grow…

No one needs that in their life!

But don’t wait to clean up the damage caused by water leaks- prevent it from happening in the first place!

As RV owners, we have a bad habit of not really looking at our RV roof don’t we?

Just think about that for a minute- when was the last time you went up to look at the RV roof?


Most customers never even know when their roof membrane has been damaged, or even torn from things like tree branches.

Regular DIY inspection can catch these situations before major repairs are necessary!


Regular RV Roof Cleanings

Regular cleanings on your RV roofing can prevent a multitude of problems.

In general, rubber RV roofing should be cleaned 4 times a year.

Depending on where you park or store your RV, it may even need to be cleaned more often.

These cleanings don’t have to be crazy intricate.

Using cleaners or conditioners that contain petroleum solvents, harsh abrasives, or citrus ingredients can cause permanent damage to your RV’s rubber roofing.

A simple washing and brushing with some dish soap and water will do the trick for your roof-washing ventures!

For harder to clean spots on your roof such as sap or stains caused by leaves, you will want to use cleaners and protectants.

Pro Tip: You can find quality cleaners and protectants specific for your roofing here at Nielson RV!

But before you even begin cleaning or rinsing your roofing, an inspection may be in order.


Inspecting Your RV Roofing

Regular inspections are vital for the life of your RV’s roofing.

Before you clean the roof, we suggest inspecting the sealants around all of the openings and seams on the roof.

Water will find its way into those sneaky little openings and cause a whole new horde of problems, such as ruined insulation and damaged wall panels.

Perform a thorough inspection on the roof sealants for potential leaks. You will want to reseal any areas of the roof seams and around openings where you suspect a leak.

Pro Tip: Check with Nielson RV for sealants that are compatible with your specific RV roofing material!

Sealant touch-ups should be done regularly. Whether that’s before a roof cleaning, and even before/after a camping trip.

Come wind, rain, or snow, you’ll want those areas sealed before water damage can occur.

Preforming regular inspections and sealant touch-ups on your RV roofing will help you maintain your Lifetime Warranty, and save you money on repair services!


RV Warranty Forever with Nielson RV

In order to maintain your full coverage from RV Warranty Forever®, you will need to keep up on the regular and yearly maintenance of your RV, as well as your RV’s roof!

RV Warranty Forever® will pay for repairs to the stated and covered components of your travel trailer or motorhome, which are outlined in the RV Warranty Forever® agreement, for as long as you own it.

Simply follow the maintenance guidelines outlined below and the components are covered forever!

On an annual basis, you must perform the following maintenance:

• Inspect roof and seal where necessary
• Inspect axles and hub, lube where necessary.
• Inspect furnace – clean blower and combustion chamber, control compartment, (remove any dust, lint, and obstructions) as necessary, test for gas line leaks.
• Inspect hot water heater – flush holding tank, manually operate pressure temperature relief valve, and clean burner tube (as outlined by the manufacturer), as necessary.

Come on in to Nielson RV, home of RV Warranty Forever®, to have your yearly RV roof inspections, and more!






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