RVing and Camping at Duck Creek


RVing and camping is a great way to enjoy your summer vacation. With some many possible destinations throughout the country why not enjoy a few that are close to home. At the top of the mountain located about 35 miles east of Cedar City, Utah lies Duck Creek.  Duck Creek is about 8,500 feet in elevation and offers a variety of things to do both in the summer and the winter months.


Lodging at Duck Creek

There are several options for lodging at Duck Creek. If you have an RV, Duck Creek offers a great rental area. http://www.duckcreekrvrentalspace.com/. Of course if you don’t have an RV, there are several other options such as cabin rentals or bring a tent and camp under the stars.

Things to do at Duck Creek

Duck Creek offers a wide variety of things to do. Although we wont list everything we will highlight several that you will enjoy.




Aspen Mirror Lake
Aspen Mirror Lake is a short walk from the parking area at Duck Creek Village. This lake is stocked with catchable rainbow trout and fingerling brook trout. Just about any fishing technique is effective. Boats and float tubes are not allowed because of the lakes’ small size. The lake is closed from Jan. 1 through the third Saturday in April to protect the fish that congregate over underwater springs in the winter.

Navajo Lake
Navajo Lake is located 10 minutes away for Duck Creek Village. The Lake is roughly 618 acres and is about 9,250 feet in elevation. The lake offers anglers the ability to catch Rainbow Trout, Brook Trout and Splake. Although your probably won’t catch any monster fish odds are that you can catch lots of small fish, at least it will keep the kids occupied.

Mammoth Caves


Mammoth Cave has over 2,200 feet (670 m) of passage and is about a quarter mile (400 m) long. It was formed by cooling lava and water less than 2,000 years ago. Due to moisture and its elevation of 8,050 feet (2,450 m) above sea level the cave stays cool year round.

The cave has four chambers, the largest to the west. At the end of the largest tunnel, it narrows to a small opening that can be used as an exit. Although the cave is open year round, portions of it are closed off from October until April to protect hibernating bats.

To get to Mammoth Caves, go about a mile past Duck Creek Village and turn North on Mammoth Creek Road. Just keep going about 2 miles and you will see signs. Although part of the drive is on dirt road follow the signs and it will take you directly there.





Duck Creek offers some great ATV trails that are kid friendly and provides some amazing views. If you have a toy hauler, don’t forget to bring a 4-wheeler or side by side. There are lots of trails that provide a quick 10 minute ride or if you are looking for a longer ride a 24 mile round trip ride. The cool mountain air will feel great blowing through your hair. Along the trail you may encounter wildlife such as deer, elk, fox, or coyote. Remember to bring a camera so you can take pictures to share with your friends.

A great place for the family

Camping or RVing provides such a great opportunity to reconnect with your family. You can put away distractions from your busy life and sit back and enjoy. The cool temperatures and simple living, such as roasting a hot dog on an open fire or gazing into the dark sky and seeing the big dipper. Camping provides a way to reconnect with the things that matter the most. If you get the chance this summer take your trailer, camper, RV or a tent and spend a few days in the mountains, you will be glad you did.


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