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Winter is just around the corner. Before its blustery temperatures and harsh winds hit you need to make sure your RV is protected from winter’s wicked weather so you can enjoy it when spring rolls around again. Winterization is an incredibly important part of caring for your RV and ensuring the wear and tear it sustains as a minimal. Failure to winterize or improper winterization can lead to thousands of dollars worth of damage when spring runs around.

One of the most difficult parts of winterizing your RV is ensuring the plumbing is properly winterized. This involves draining all holding tanks, cleaning your gray and black holding tanks, and flushing non toxic antifreeze through pipes and tubing to ensure they don’t crack or bust because of water remaining in the plumbing system.

Our service team brings the skills and expertise necessary to ensure your RV is properly winterized, taken care of, and ready for enjoyment during the spring. While our team can care for the more difficult parts of winterization, we encourage RVers to thoroughly clean the interior of their RV – remove food, blankets, and clothing – to prevent inviting pests inside. Mice love to look for spaces to take cover from winter weather. By removing all items that could appear appealing, you’re saving your RV from becoming an open invitation to pests.

After detailing your interior, you’ll want to make sure you clean the exterior to remove any tar or dirt buildup that could, over the course of sitting through winter, cake on and damage your RV’s exterior. As you clean the exterior, check all seals to make sure they don’t allow moisture or provide openings for pests to enter. As an RVer moisture is one of your biggest enemies. Moisture left to sit for a long time or in hard to reach areas provide a perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. This can lead to poor air quality and cost a significant amount of money to repair.

Don’t let winter sneak up on you! Bring your RV to our RV service team to make sure we take care of your RV. Contact us for answers to any questions you have about the winterization process or to schedule your winterization appointment today. You’ll be able to rest confident through the winter that your RV is taken care of and enjoy planning your springtime camping trip.


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