Starcraft Comet Mini Travel Trailers: 3 Easy Travel Features

Packing up and heading to the campground has never been so easy as it will be with the Starcraft Comet Mini travel trailers for sale here at Nielson RV. From the outside in, you are certain to find many features to make your next RVing trip less stressful for a more relaxing and enjoyable vacation. Let’s check out the top 3 easy travel features built into this camper.

Starcraft Comet Mini Travel Trailer
Take a look inside our Starcraft Comet Mini Travel Trailers!

1. Affordable and Ultra-Lightweight

All of the five floorplans of the Comet Mini are designed to be some of the most compact campers on the market. With zero to one slide models, these RVs are in the ultra-lightweight class to make them easier to tow with smaller vehicles as well as increase the gas mileage you will get while towing. This added with the already affordable price will help you save a lot of money that you can use to spend more time at the campgrounds.

2. Safety and Security

Being safe is paramount to having a stress-free vacation, and the Starcraft Comet Mini comes with multiple features to increase your security while driving or once you have reached your destination. The built-in electric brake system provides superior stopping  power on the road, and once you have parked, the stabilizer jacks making walking around inside the camper easier as the electric awning provides a place to escape the sun and other weather that could arise while still allowing you to be outdoors.

Starcraft Comet Mini Travel Trailer Interior
The innovative design keeps the weight down while still providing space for high quality features.

3. Comfort and Fun

While being compact, the inside of this travel trailer still offers plenty of space for all of the comfort and fun you require in an RV. The full kitchen and bathroom provide the much needed essentials, and with a queen bed and convertible dinette, find the perfect space for sleeping each night as well as a view of the TV and entertainment center.

All of the features of our Starcraft Comet Mini travel trailers are meant to take away the stress of traveling and give you more time to relax. To learn more about what this incredible RV offers, please contact us or come to our locations today! We would love to share more of the amazing amenities you can receive from this ultra-lightweight camper to make your next trip the best one yet.

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