Take a Look at the Stylish and Functional Riverside White Water Retro Travel Trailer

For a combination of the technology and advancement of the present and the design of the past, the Riverside White Water Retro travel trailer is a great blend. Each of the eleven floorplans of this RV has a beautifully retro look on both the inside and the outside to give you one of the most stylish and nostalgic travel trailers on the market. Take a look inside these amazing campers to see everything it has to offer.

Riverside White Water Retro Travel Trailer
Travel back in time with the Riverside White Water Retro Travel Trailer!

With the option of having zero or one slideout, the White Water Retro is considered smaller and cozier. That makes it perfect for those people who are just starting out in the RVing lifestyle and do not have a large group in their party. Plus, with this smaller, lighter weight RV, you will find that it is simpler to tow as well as easier to manage on the road.

Riverside White Water Retro Travel Trailer Interior
Plenty of overhead storage and comfortable furniture make life easier.

However, do not let the smaller size fool you. This Riverside travel trailer still comes with many creature comforts specifically meant to increase your comfort and enjoyment while you are camping. Of course there will be electrical and gas upgrades such as heating and cooling solutions and a gas/ electric refrigerator, but there will also be many design features that people will enjoy. Not only will you have the option of putting retro colors as part of the interior design, but there will be certain furniture pieces like the 1950s diner booth to add ambiance and beauty.

Riverside White Water Retro Travel Trailer Booth
Fun designs carry the retro design of the exterior inside!

With the look on the outside as well as the inside of the Riverside White Water Retro, you will certainly be driving the best looking and most stylish RV on the road. Make sure you contact us or come by our location, so we can show you everything these travel trailers have to offer. You can also step inside any of the other fifth wheels, travel trailers, and more that we have on our lot to ensure that you go home with the RV that fits all of your needs.

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