To RV or Not to RV: That is Definitely NOT the Question!

The Question Is: Which One?

Evo Travel Trailer at Nielson's RV
The interior of lightweight travel trailers such as EVO, by Forest River, shows that camping doesn’t have to be undomfortable!

This Year, Camp in Style and Comfort!

You’ve reached that point in your life where pitching a tent just doesn’t have the same appeal that it used to. You love to camp, but you want to do it in style and comfort. All of your friends and neighbors seem to have RV’s, and you’ve been thinking that this might be the year to join them in the fun. But the choices seem overwhelming, and you just aren’t sure where to begin in your search for the perfect RV.

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. RV’s have never been more popular, and the choices have never been greater. So what is the best way to find the right solution for your situation? To begin with, it’s nice to know that you don’t have to be an expert on the subject before you buy. You just need to call, click or visit your friends at Nielson RV! Our sales staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and they are happy to help you to select from hundreds of the latest models and styles. But, if you’re one who likes to shop with some ideas already in mind, here are a few things you might ask yourself:

  1. What is your ideal camping vacation? Where would you go, and what would you do when you get there? Do you just need a comfortable place to eat and sleep between action-packed days of adventure, or are you looking for a luxury suite on wheels? For those who look for back roads to nowhere, a teardrop trailer or folding camper may be all you need, or you might want a toy-hauler to bring your fun with you. Others may have a distaste for dirt, but love visiting developed campgrounds near national parks and other popular tourist destinations. In that case, you might consider a full-sized motor home. Either way, Nielson RV can meet your needs, and their massive inventory makes it easy to find just what you are looking for right on the lot.
  2. Does it make sense to rent? How often will you use your RV? Do you have a place to store it? Do you want to take care of maintenance yourself, or does it sound appealing to have someone else do the up-keep and minor repairs? If you plan to travel just once or twice a year, don’t have a lot of storage space or feel disinclined to keep your RV in tip-top condition on your own, it may make sense to rent, rather than to buy your RV. Nielson now offers rental RV’s to meet the growing demands of occasional campers and those with limited space.
  3. What is your towing capacity? Unless your choice is a motor-home, you will need to tow your RV. But chances are, you have no idea how much your car, truck or SUV can tow safely. You can easily find out by checking your vehicle owner’s manual. Knowing your towing capacity before your visit Nielson RV may help to get you started in the right direction. Our sales staff can explain factors such as “hitch-weight,” “dry-weight” and “cargo-weight,” and ensure that your vehicle can handle your new trailer with a margin of safety.
  4. How many people do you need to accommodate? Many travel trailers can sleep up-to 8 people comfortably. Today’s innovative designs optimize the use of every inch, and expandable models provide maximum living space with minimal hauling profiles.
  5. What is your price range? If your budget is tight, you can find a quality used trailer at Nielson’s for under $10,000. If other factors outweigh price, large new trailers with all the options are still reasonably priced at less than $45,000. Even a brand-new “Class A” motor-home with all the goodies can be acquired for under $150,000. And financing is available, so you won’t need to save your pennies before enjoying your new RV from Nielsons. Come in and see which RV best meets your needs, and start enjoying all that nature offers without sacrificing style and comfort!
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