Forest River Wildcat Maxx Review: Travel In Style

Forest River Wildcat Maxx

When you bring your friends and family out to a campsite, it takes a lot of preparation. Clothing, food, necessary equipment, fishing rods, swim gear, and plenty more are all needed to help make your vacation a success. Don’t you think it’s time your RV was as well prepared for your vacation as you are? The Forest River Wildcat Maxx is ready and you’ll never be disappointed with it. These RVs are built to please, and just about every possible convenience you could want in an RV has been addressed. When you’re ready to leave other RVs in the dust, you have the RV that was designed with that in mind. Read our Wildcat Maxx to learn more.


Exterior Features

If you spend most of your time outdoors, then the Wildcat Maxx is the choice for you. They’ve left no stone unturned and packed every floor-plan they manufacture with as many features as it could possibly allow. Features like a one-touch adjustable power awning to keep the sun off of you and a door-side entertainment center so you can enjoy being outside and keep track of the score. Fully lighted pass-through storage allows for plenty of space to carry just about anything you need and be able to find it in the dark!

Kitchen Amenities

If you like to spend your time in the kitchen, you’ll love the Maxx series of RVs. Raised panel, hardwood glazed cherry cabinetry, residential hidden hinges, brushed nickel finish door and drawer hardware, and Corian counters are just the tip of the iceberg! Deep overhead storage will help you pack enough food to last for a good, long while before having to venture out to the grocery store while you’re out at a campsite. The residential style 22″ oven and 3-burner range will help you keep your party happy and their bellies filled for the duration of the trip.

Comfort Factor

If you’re like me, you’ll toss and turn all night if you aren’t perfectly comfortable. A pillow-top, residential queen bed and bedspread should do the trick, especially after a long day of hiking and hunting. ¬†You’ll be sure to catch plenty of Zs, so you can get up in the morning and head out to do it all over again! Not wanting to leave any space go to waste, the Wildcat Maxx also has heavy duty struts to help you lift up your bed and access the area underneath, for even more storage! An air mattress sofa Hide-A-Bed will keep let your party sleep in comfort as well. With the addition of a 26″, 32″ or 40″ LCD 1080P flat panel TV, you’ll never run out of entertainment options!

Safety First

The Wildcat Maxx is designed with safety in mind by installing LP leak, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in every one of their models. There’s also a fire extinguisher that comes standard with every RV. Just in case, you’ve got it under control.

The Forest River Wildcat Maxx is chock full of features and I could ramble on for hours, but it’d be better to just come by and see one in person so you can experience it for yourself. Take a look at our inventory and let us know if you see one you like!

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