Winterizing and Storing Your RV

Here at Nielson RV we want to make sure you are protecting your investment all year long, even when you are not using your RV. If you are one of the many people that only use their RV in the warm months and when the cold months arive you put your RV away until next season, here are some great tips from the RV service department in Hurricane Utah. 

First thing you want to do is make sure you fully winterize your RV.  The point to winterizing your RV is to keep the water from freezing up in the lines, leak proofing the RV, and to keep critors from making a home somewhere inside your RV for the winter. There are many methods to follow to get your RV winterized, some methods may be more harmful then helpful. Improperly clearing the water lines in the RV might hurt the lines for future use. The best way to make sure your RV is properly winterized is to take your RV to a reputable RV service department to have them make sure you are all set for winter. We offer the best prices on RV Service in Utah.

After your RV is winterized you want to make sure you prepare your RV for storage. If you choose to use a cover for the RV make sure it is a material that is breathable to help the RV from getting moldy or midlew. If you can at all possible store your RV in a covered area, this will help keep the RV out of the elements. Make sure you us some type of wheel chocks to place in front and behind the wheels.  For a total list of all the parts you need to store and winterize you RV please contact our Utah RV Parts department.

To help you save money on your next RV parts and RV service department visit, take a look at our RV Parts and RV Service Specials, here you will find coupons for winterizing your RV.


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