Free RV Dump Station

Nielson RV offers a FREE to the public RV dump station. Its located in the front of the dealership to allow for easy access to the station. The best part its open 24 hrs a day and 365 days a year.

Services Available:
  • Water to flush black & grey tanks
  • Water to fill fresh water
  • Sewer hose
  • Free air for tires
  • Propane (There is a Fee)

When to Dump: Avoid dumping tanks that are not at least 2/3's full. If you have to dump, add water to the tanks till they become at least 2/3 full. This will help promote all the solids and particles to become suspended in the water and flow out of the tank. If you are going to travel before dumping, you can add some dish washing detergent (1/4 cup to a tank) and let it slosh around. Caution: Too much soap may cause excessive foaming!

Recreational Vehicle Dumping Etiquette:
  • Don't put anything other than the contents of your holding tanks into the dump station
  • Do not dump directly onto the disposal station's apron!
  • If you make a mess or spill, be courteous and clean up after yourself!
  • Don't leave other garbage in the area
  • Don't put your used rubber gloves down the sewer. They are NOT biodegradable
  • Don't leave it for the next person!