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RV Exterior and Interior Maintenance

Trident products protect against permanent damage occurring on covered surfaces. Trident is not a cleaning or detail contract. Please follow the guidelines below to maintain your vehicle and to remove stains before they become permanent.


Trident Exterior Protection's proprietary synthetic formula utilizes leading-edge technology to improve and maintain the appearance of your RV. It's also CARB and EPA compliant (clean and safe). UV inhibitors and nano-sized particles protect your vehicle from the sun's harmful rays. Our product's "engineered in" durability will keep your exterior surfaces looking new, and also offers longer protection from harsh environments.

  • Trident Exterior Protection bonds with your vehicle’s exterior surfaces and chrome for longer life
  • Your exterior surface is protected from fading and oxidation
  • Easier to maintain and keep clean on a regular basis (bugs and dirt wash off much easier)
  • Can be transferred from one owner to another

Our Leather/Vinyl/Fabric Protection prevents permanent damage to your RV’s interior from water- and oil-based stains, including food and drinks, ink, makeup and more. It also makes cleanup a whole lot easier, while UV inhibitors prevent fading and cracking to help extend the life of your interior surfaces. Additional coverage against ultraviolet-induced weakening of the surface resulting in cracking, loose seams, punctures or tears in leather or vinyl surfaces (less than 1/4 inch in diameter and less than 1 inch long).

Awning Protection

Trident is one of the few providers that offers protection for awning surfaces. Utilizing our unique nano zinc oxide formula, this product offers UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays. It protects from fading, oxidation and cracking, which will keep your awnings looking great and lasting for a long time.

Premier Protection

As its name implies, our Premier Protection plan covers your RV, both inside and out.

Tire and Wheel Protection

Our Tire and Wheel Protection protects your tires and wheels from damage caused by potholes, nails, glass, metal or debris on the road. Under this protection policy, wheels and tires are repaired or replaced; this includes mounting, balancing, valve stems, labor and tax. Also included is 24/7/365 roadside assistance, which covers towing up to 25 miles, emergency mechanical service (hoses, belts) and fluids (gas, water, oil), battery services and minor adjustments to the alternator, changing a flat tire (with your spare) to get your vehicle safely on its way. All supply costs are your, the customer's, responsibility.