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General Restrictions:

Age Restrictions:
The minimum age for rental of a RV is 25, the maximum age is 79 years (younger with authorization only.)

Pets are not allowed in any RV. Customer is fully responsible for all damages and a minimum fee of $250 for cleaning/deodorizing applies.

Travel Restrictions:

Traveling into Mexico is not permitted. There is no insurance coverage in Mexico.

Death Valley:
Traveling into Death Valley is not permitted between June 15th and September 15th.

Traveling within Alaska, Yukon and/or NWT is not permitted.

Vehicles are winterized between November 1st and March 31st, depending on the pick-up location (period may be longer depending on the pick-up location.)

Booking Changes:

One free change per booking can be made up to 61 days prior to pick up, $50 for any additional change.

Vehicle Pickup:

Picking up your Rental:
Renter will need at least 45 minutes to check-out on the first day of the reservation. This allows a full orientation of all aspects of the units you have selected. Pick-up is based on scheduling and availability. Pick-Up times are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. We can not guarantee that your preferred time will be available. Earlier pickup times may be accommodated as a courtesy only. All pickups are scheduled and by appointment only. If appointment time is missed, the pick-up time can be reschedule for the next available opening.

Returning Your Rental:

Rentals are due back by 5:00 p.m. on your scheduled day back. Late returns, without prior approval will result in additional night charge. Renters will need time to check the Rental back in, so please allow 30 minutes or longer. While we do a complete walk-through of the rental upon return, we have a 10-day "post rental" detailed inspection that is completed to ensure there are no issues with the Rental following your time period. After we have completely checked in the rental, we will mail (within 14 business days) your Full deposit refund (less any adjustments for damages, if applicable). Late returns are accommodated as a courtesy only. Our goal is to make sure the next renter has a properly prepared and cleaned rental. Lost rental income due to late returns will be the renters responsibility. If renters choose to allow Nielson RV to clean and empty the black and gray holding tanks a $35 fee will be subtracted from the deposit. Due to the use of propane in all units for heat, stove and hot water needs, a $10 flat fee will be added to the unit rental price.

Payment Policy:

A reservation/damage deposit of $500 is required to hold your reservation during a non-holiday week. Rentals during a holiday and event weeks require full payment at the time of reservation. Payments may be made by MasterCard, Visa or Debit Card. Deposits made by personal check, money order, traveler's checks, certified check and cashiers check must be received within 14 days of booking. No personal checks will be accepted at Check-In.

Cancellation Policy:

The $500 deposit is forfeited for any cancellation, with no refunds, 30 days prior to check-in. Additionally, no refunds will be given for cancellations of reservations during a holiday and event weeks for early check-outs or no-shows. No refunds will be given for cancellation or interruption that occurs due to inclement weather.

Rental Insurance:

Rental insurance must be on any unit at all times. If the renters insurance company does not cover the unit, Nielson RV's third party insurance company can be used. The reservation deposit of $500 is to ensure the rental is guaranteed the funds needed to be used toward any insurance deductibles, damages, lost items and/or lost income from a damaged unit. If the rental is returned without said damages, the full $500 will be returned to renter within 14 business days.


Each property will be inspected, sanitized and cleaned after your departure. We ask that the unit be returned in the same general condition that you received it. If a significant cleaning is required, appropriate charges will be deducted from your deposit a the rate of $35 per hour. Please be sure to empty the holding tanks before the unit is brought back. If renters would rather not empty, we will empty the tanks for an additional $35.

No Pets or Smoking are Allowed:

Since many people have allergies and it is difficult to remove the odors and allergens associated with both pets and smoke, we must strictly enforce this policy. If evidence of pets on site or evidence of smoking inside the rental is found, Nielson RV reserves the right to charge $500 to treat the property for fleas and/or allergens. In addition, any damage caused by pets or smoking materials will be charged to renters damage deposit or credit card on file.

Mileage Policy:

If the reservation is 1-6 days, the renter is allotted 100 miles per day at no charge. If the reservation is 7 or more days, the renter is allotted 150 miles per day at no charge. Any additional miles will be charged $.35 per mile. This charge will be assessed and paid at the rentals return.

Renters Liability:

Renters agrees to accept liability for any damages caused to the rental by renter or renters guests, including, but not limited to, damage to the Rental in any way or damage to any appliances and/or equipment furnished. If damages are in excess of the security deposit being held, renter agrees to reimburse Nielson RV for costs incurred to repair/replace damaged items.

Generator Rental:

Nielson RV offers additional generators for rent. If a generator is added to the rental, the renter assumes all responsibility for the generator unit. Nielson RV does not assume any liability, loss or damage to the generator unit. Renter will be responsible for the cost of the generator unit given any loss or damage. The renter is allows 3 hrs/day to run the generator an additional $3/hr will be charged for each additional hour used per day.


Due to the weather changing in a matter of seconds, the awning can be used at the renters risk. The renter is liable for any and all damages caused to and by the awning.

Your Responsibilities while Operating the RV:

Gasoline and Oil

The cost of propane, gasoline and oil are not included and Nielson RV does not assume responsibility for estimates of consumption. All vehicles are delivered with full tanks and the customer is expected to return the RV with full tanks or will be charged for the refueling plus a service fee.

Gasoline and Oil

The cost of propane, gasoline and oil are not included and Nielson RV does not assume responsibility for estimates of consumption. All vehicles are delivered with full tanks and the customer is expected to return the RV with full tanks or will be charged for the refueling plus a service fee.


The customer is responsible for checking engine oil and coolant levels at each refueling as well as reporting mechanical failures immediately. Coolant refills and authorized repairs will be reimbursed upon return of the RV and presentation of all receipts. It is the drivers responsibility to operate the RV in a safe manner and to exercise all caution possible.

In the Event of an Accident

The customer must obtain a local police report as providing by the attending police office investigating the accident. An accident report form is supplied to the customer and is located in the RV along with the registration and insurance papers. Nielson RV must be notified as soon as possible. A full-written report along with the other party's name, address, phone number, insurance information and driver's license number on the supplied accident report will be required upon return of the RV. Damage and accident scene pictures should be taken and provided if at all possible. All documents relating to the accident must include a police report or identifying number. Insurance coverage may be void if the above instuctions are not followed.